We are dedicated to supporting seniors as they age gracefully in the comfort of their homes

Seniors face many struggles such as:

Health Issues



At Son Valley We Provide First Rate And Affordable Care For Seniors As They Age Gracefully In The Comfort Of Their Homes.

Our Services

✔ Cleaning


✔ Food Prep


✔ Companionship


✔ Assistance with day to day living


✔ Emotional Support


✔ Spiritual Encouragement


Our values:


Our main goal is to care for our clients like a best friend or a family member.


Our caregivers offer spiritual encouragement as they choose.

We are willing to pray with our clients, read Scriptures, talking about faith or listening to Hymns.



We help our clients to navigate changes as they age. 

Collaborative ongoing support to modify your care plan as situations change.


We collaborate with families providing timely updates after each visit – as if your family was there with you today

Caregivers are intentionally chosen for your individual needs and preference according to the client.


We will efficiently collaborate to customize & maintain your individual care plan.

We are actively watching over your loved one and reporting for any emerging health or safety concerns – open eyes and ears.



Our caregivers bring joy and friendship to cheer up our clients.  

It is so great to have two caregivers – such nice company and various skills. Who would have known we could have such great quality of care with two people instead of one? Your caregivers care. Without a word, you show me you care. God brought me a great team.

Home care for
YOUR loved ones

Abbotsford Home Care

We provide customized, flexible, high quality lifestyle assistance, and non-medical homecare. You accomplish your priorities as we support you along the way.

Son Valley’s mission is to significantly impact your quality of life. To lovingly help you achieve your own goals. “Homecare your way.”