Seniors face many struggles such as health challenges, loneliness, the loss of independence, and bereavement.

At Son Valley, we are dedicated to supporting seniors as they age gracefully in the comfort of their homes.


– Sheila Bailey, Founder of Son Valley Compassion Care.

Abbotsford Home Care


Owner and Care Director

“Sheila is out-going, cheerful and compassionate. She loves spending time with her family and friends. She is full of great ideas and specializes in creating customized care plans for Seniors. Her clients love her positive attitude and work ethic. Sheila is passionate about her faith, family, friendships and team building. Her hobbies are spending time with her Grand-daughter, meeting with friends and listening to live music. Sheila believes that spending quality time with people and encouraging one another will promote a positive, joyful attitude.”



Addy is compassionate and helpful. She loves playing basketball, listening music and going for walks.

She loves caring for those who can’t care for themselves. 

Addy is passionate about studying the Bible and preaching the Good News. 
Her hobbies are playing sports, hang out with her friends, and worship God.

tina Burnett


Tina is caring, attentive, compassionate and very hardworking. 

She loves Jesus. She also loves playing in the garden, crocheting, spending time with her family and walking with her dogs. 

One of Tina’s biggest passions is caring for seniors. She loves telling stories as well as listening to them.

Her clients appreciate that Tina is caring and always looking for ways to improve their lives.  




Susan is friendly and joyful. She loves Latin music, going to the beach and spending time with God in nature. She is an encourager, loves helping, talking and laughing with her clients. 

Her clients appreciate her joyful personality, and good attitude.  

Susan is passionate about God and spirituality. Her hobbies are reading, biking, going for walks. She currently attends Bible College and is always willing to pray for others and the wisdom that comes from God. 



Lydia is warm and attentive. She loves helping others and spending time with her family. 

She focuses on her client’s best life every moment she is with them, often willing to help with unexpected needs.  

Her strengths are deep commitment, respect, loyalty, extremely thorough research, diplomacy and a great teacher.”



Erica is compassionate, outgoing and has a great sense of humour. (Just ask her)
She loves crocheting, reading and listening to worship music loud in her car.
Erica is kind, loves listening to your story, or just having a chat about life. She believes it is important to be there for someone who needs it, at a time they need it, and she wants to do that for others. She is very empathetic to people’s feelings and feels things deeply.
Ericas clients appreciate her sense of humour the most. She is quick on her feet, a great problem solver and not one to make what might be an uncomfortable situation, more uncomfortable.
Erica is passionate about God, her daughter and husband, her rescue kitty and treating others with kindness. Integrity is high on her list as well. She believes that it’s what you do when nobody is watching that matters the most.
Erica’s hobbies are crocheting, walks, swimming fitness and reading.



“Joanne is thoughtful, dedicated and a calm and quiet soul, but loves to draw others into conversation. Her clients appreciate her cheerful demeanour, warm smile and how she shows confidence and efficiency in her tasks.
Joanne is passionate about her faith, large family, variety of friend connections and finding ways to serve others.
Her hobbies include walking, involvement with music and family time with her husband and kids.




“Jeanie is friendly and compassionate with an empathetic heart. She loves getting to know people and serving them according to their needs. She is detail-oriented, loyal, problem-solver and peace-maker. Her clients appreciate her sense of humour and quick-wit. Jeanie is passionate about faith, family, fitness and nutrition. Her hobbies include playing sports, going to the gym and growing as a leader. Jeanie believes that by encouraging an active lifestyle and nutritious diet that people will experience more strength, mobility and overall better health.”



Tanna is very hardworking and compassionate about her work. She enjoys helping others and being able to give back.
She loves spending time with her family, and loves being active. On nicer days and during summer she often spends her weekends looking for a new hiking spot.
She has worked in retirement communities all her working career and is very patient. She understands that people come from all different lives and loves hearing all of the stories others care to tell. She is a very tidy person and brings this mindset to her work- helping clients with cleaning and organizing their homes!
Her clients appreciate her attention to detail, and her ability to put her clients first.
Tanna is passionate about living life to the best of her abilities and always looking for silver linings.
Her hobbies ranged from going on long hikes, to staying at home with her cat relaxing. She loves going to the movies or to a restaurant to try new things!